Oh no! A bomb!


Seriously. Please, Boston. Tell me how exactly a Lite-Brite image of the Mooninites depicted above in any way says “bomb threat” to you.

I’m all ears…

(By the way, for those of you who know not what “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” i.e. Mom and Dad, it’s a cartoon on Cartoon Network that features a talking milk shake, french fries and meat ball. Yes. Very scary.)

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  1. ATHF is definitely my favorite cartoon. My roomate has the first 4 seasons on DVD and they are in fact hilarious.

  2. ummmm………., I was going to ask who would actually watch a show about a talking milk shake, french fries, and meatball. Guess that question’s been answered.

    But back to your original question, I was wondering the same thing as I was watching the news reports. Are we to the point we have become that paranoid? And do we really need to be that paranoid? And is that paranoia more frightening than the fact that there are highly educated members of our society listening to a milk shake talk?

  3. I would just like to say that I also find aqua teen hunger force hilarious. Particularly the moonenite in question.

    You and your third dimension. No, it’s cute. We have five…. five THOUSAND. Don’t question it.

  4. you’ve just reminded me how long it’s been since i’ve seen athf. which then reminded me of how long it’s been since i’ve visited your blog. i’ve missed out on both accounts.

    why are there no dates displayed with your posts (except on comments)?

  5. Dates on the posts would really be nice. Brooke’s blog has dates on her posts! Guess she just knows what she’s doing! luv u son!

  6. It’s simply a part of the theme I’m using…dunno why it doesn’t show dates… I assume it can…I just haven’t delved into the PHP programming to see how exactly to do it… Maybe if I get bored, I’ll mess with it…

    And, for the record, I love milk shakes… šŸ™‚

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