Meet Edie

Meet Edie!

So, we’ve been looking for a dog for a little while now…  Preferably, a somewhat older one so it would be more mellow, yet energetic enough to go out on walks, etc.  Also, a breed that wouldn’t bark too much and that would get along with a kitty cat…  We’ve checked out various on-line venues, including the pound, and various groups around the state.

Well, we found Edith Ann at the Humane Society here in St. Louis yesterday…”Edie” for short…  She’s a 5 year old 13″ Beagle that was owned by an older lady who had to give her up to enter a nursing home.  We brought her home today and all is well so far!  She’s a sweetie…haven’t heard her bark yet…although she does whine a bit…  She’s a little overweight, so we’ve gotta limit her food for awhile and be sure to take her on frequent walks, but that was the plan, anyway…

So far, Sam isn’t a fan of his new roommate…  He spent most of the day hiding under the bed, but finally came out around 8:30 to see what the deal is…  He’s checked Edie out a few times, but has yet to really “make friends”…  I’m sure it’ll work out, though…

Anyway, there are more pictures on my Google Photos page…check ’em out…and come visit if you want!

8 Replies to “Meet Edie”

  1. You guys are turning into Joel and Jen. You need a jack russell terrier next to complete the trio of terror.

    Beagles are cool though. Good choice.

  2. what a good job. most beagles i know bark like crazy, only thing i don’t love about them. good to know that that isn’t necessarily highly heritable.

    also, maybe somebody should limit _your_ food intake and take you on some walks, eh? eh? 😉

    i wanna come visit. not to see you, i just like beagles.

  3. Beagles hunt rabbits! And they don’t bark – they howl! We raised them on the farm. Cute dogs tho! And very loyal. I’m sure she misses her mama. We now have a grand-kitty and a grand-pup!

  4. Again, I think I’d like your mom. Can I meet her? Maybe we can plot against you, Sassy : )

    I like the puppy. She’s cute….definitely cuter than you….tee hee.

  5. Yay, a beagle! As a happy and proud beagle owner (Elmo, 8) I send you my congrats and well wishes. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with Edie. She will also make for many great pictures.

  6. I think I’d like Paige too. And I plot against ‘Sassy’ all the time. His sister is good at it too!

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