Yet another perspective

If you wanted a nice, succinct summary, here it is. This was posted on YouTube on August 20th, but Brian was kind enough to alert me to it via Facebook. This particular guy points out all of the other socialized aspects of life we have, including police, water treatment, the coast guard and, in his example toward the end of the video, firemen. He outlines what it would be like if we had private fire insurance, and how you’d have to find a preferred fire department by your insurance company to come put out your fire…and you’d better hope you don’t have a pre-existing condition.

He also briefly points out that Medicare has maybe 2-3% of overhead, as they are a non-profit organization. Private insurance companies, on average, have more like 30-35% that they’re skimming off each of our dollars to pay not only overhead, but also their investors. Because they are “for profit.”

Anyway, it’s an amusing little video. It would be nice if all the crazies out there understood that they use socialized things all the time in this country (read: roads, police, military, sewers, parks, fire departments, etc.) and they don’t have a problem with those. All of those things are apparently “rights,” paid for by our tax dollars…but for some reason, quality, affordable health care isn’t a “right.”

2 Replies to “Yet another perspective”

  1. we should privatize education so I can get paid more. (…off to a charter school…)

    What would you think about “socialized” drug companies?

    Aren’t you worried about Death Panels??!

  2. Yeah, somehow I don’t think socialized drug companies would work. And there are plenty of privatized educational centers for you to work for. 🙂

    Oh, and I think death panels are an excellent idea. Insurance rates tend to increase once we hit age 40 or so, so I’m thinking that having death panels to start killing us off around that age should help limit all our costs. That gives us plenty of time to make babies and raise them, at least close to college age. Of course, we’ll have to start popping them out by age 15, but whatever.


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