Mass hysteria

So, I don’t always chit-chat about Sam the Cat and Edie the Dog, but I decided I should relay this story…mostly because I’ve only been posting videos recently, but also because it’s somewhat amusing how devious these two are…

Two nights ago (Sunday), I pulled the deer jerky bag off the top of the refrigerator (thanks Uncle Mike!) and had a few pieces. As usual, I gave a small amount to Edie and a little to Sam – yes, even the cat, that usually doesn’t eat “people-food,” does like to eat deer.

The next morning (Monday), Brooke wakes up first and finds the dog downstairs breaking into the deer jerky bag. After I find out about this, I retrace my steps from the previous night. “Did I put the jerky back on top of the fridge? Yes! I’m sure I did!” The only explanation is that Sam must have gotten up there and pushed it off…but that would be a new one, as Sam had never gotten on top of the fridge before (to our knowledge).

Well, last night (Monday…still…), Brooke and I are both upstairs and it’s quiet enough for me to hear something fall to the ground down in the kitchen. I rush downstairs, as I can’t see Edie anywhere, and sure enough: the jerky is on the floor next to the fridge…and the cat is jumping down from the counter.

We’ve long thought that the cat and dog, while not always getting along, cooperate for certain things. Apparently, deer jerky is one of them. Which is now housed inside the refrigerator (…and if those two can get in there, then I say they deserve the jerky…).

“Cats and dogs…living together…mass hysteria!”

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  1. …maybe you shouldn’t have given them any jerky in the first place! Then they wouldn’t know what they were missin…cuz it’s goooood, I don’t blame them for scheming!

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