Sam climbs people

So yeah, not once, but twice today, Sam climbed Brooke. At one point, she was holding a red bag above her head (putting it in a closet) and Sam decided he wanted it. He made it up to her torso before she screamed enough for me to remove him. The second time, hours later, she was leaning up against the railing and the cat made it halfway up her legs… Certainly, this was the highlight of my day.

I love my cat… 😉

7 Replies to “Sam climbs people”

  1. i can also confirm that, as can the scratches up then entire right half of my body…i’m just waiting for andy to get attacked and stop laughing…

  2. Brooke, the solution to your problem is to get Sam’s attention with the red bag, then hold it above Andy’s head. 😀

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