Review: Wallace and Gromit

So we saw “Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit” last night, and overall, it was pretty good. I haven’t really seen many Wallace and Gromit flicks (I can only remember one, and it probably wasn’t all the way through…), but I did see “Chicken Run” a few years ago and thought it was alright.

The story itself was entertaining and somewhat fun to watch. I got pretty bored for the first half of the movie, honestly, but the last half really picked up as you figured more stuff out about “the origin of the were-rabbit,” etc… Generally, the humor was rather cute-sy, as opposed to “laugh out loud” hilarious. There were certainly some amusing parts, but the only “laugh out loud” stuff was toward the very end.

The cool stuff was really in the production of the film. I mean, the whole thing (well…save a little CGI…but very little…) was claymation…including things like liquids. It’s crazy that they poured tea…and it was done with clay…and it looked really good. The impressive part is that you really get lost in the story and don’t notice the claymation; it’s like you’re watching any old cartoon or Pixar flick, but with clay textures.

So anyway, the movie was certainly alright and worth seeing, but perhaps worth waiting until it comes out on video…although, I think it’s on the way out of theaters, anyway… The movie is generally amusing and, if anything, a triumph of clay animation. Kids will surely find it entertaining and get into the story more than adults, but it’s still worth a look for us “big kids”…

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  1. honestly I think movies like this are creepy…why don’t they EVER stop smiling??? Even the chickens are smiling all the time and CHICKENS DON’T HAVE TEETH! ….creepy….

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