I love my little sister…

Quothe Kristen:

Reasons why Lucas sucks and Star Trek is better:
1. One word: “NOOOOOOOOO” ~Darth Vadar (oh my god!)
2. R2D2 and C3PO were the best actors in the damn movies
3. Roddenberry was smart enough to know that computer animated characters look fake
4. Why does Yoda need a walking stick if he can do back flips?
5. He waited for the advanced technology only to use it to screw everything up!
6. At least the “droid” in ST was smart and had a sex life.
7. Props for the light sabers, but everybody still had guns, so why didn’t they just Indiana Jones their jedi asses?
8. Why do people make fun of trekkies so much when Lucas fans camp out in front of theaters for weeks and whore themselves out for tickets aside from wearing rolls on their ears and dressing up like huge dogs?

One Reply to “I love my little sister…”

  1. Andy your sister fuckin owns! Dude, is she available? 🙂
    ST: TNG all the way.

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