Blog entry number 1: The beginning of my future as a blogger

Hello. I am Meg Linsenbardt, the daughter of Andrew Linsenbardt, who is the primary author of this blog. I will be typing on this blog now. I am so excited! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

1. I am a cat person, and hate dogs. DOGS ARE WET, FULL OF PEE, AND DISGUSTING. I have never enjoyed being in the presence of dogs, and I do not intend to.

2. I LOVE doing puzzles. In the past, I have done four. Some are 1,000 pieces, and some have only been 500. I even did one of those QR code puzzles that you can win money on if you scan the finished product. I only got one dollar, though. Did you know that the QR in QR code stands for quick response? And they are pretty quick. Whenever you scan them, the phone responds very swiftly.

3. I do not like most meats. Chicken, beef, and fish taste bad to me. Some people at my school think I am a vegetarian because of this, but I am not.

4. I am not very athletic. I am not on any sports teams or anything, and I only try hard in P.E. to make sure that I get an A.

5. I play the piano, double bass, and percussion.

And that is all you need to know about me for now. I know we will have a great future together as I go through this blogging journey. I will try to make another post soon. Bye!

(Remember, I am new at this whole blogging thing, so my posts might seem a little on the short side at first.)