07.10.11 Dinner

We had a ridiculously busy couple of weeks, with going back and forth to Hannibal and whatnot, but we’re back in the dinner groove now!! Stu’s visit meant homemade pizza and salad with an orange-vanilla vinaigrette. Emily, I realized while I was making the pizza that i never sent you the recipe for the crust! I use this one and it never fails!! It also makes really good breadsticks with some roasted garlic and parmesan cheese!

2 Replies to “07.10.11 Dinner”

  1. The salad….whatever. But that pizza looks so yummy!! I just ate dinner but this photo makes me hungry!! btw I’m loving the purple Fiestaware pizza pan we bought at Apple Wagon. I have used it several times — mainly when I make fruit pizza for the office. It looks so much prettier on that than the metal pan. 😉

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