Linsenbardt History

To some degree, I’ve been interested in the history of the Linsenbardt family for a long time.  Both sides of my extended family, the Linsenbardts and the Plochbergers, grew up in Lohman, MO, and many of them still live in the immediate area.  The cemetery at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lohman is full of both Linsenbardts and Plochbergers.  Heck, the Linsenbardts were intimately involved in building the church.

Thus, there is a great deal of history in Lohman, and while there are a wealth of Linsenbardts in central Missouri, there are more throughout the United States.

Years ago, I ran across a text file hosted by distant members of the family that has since disappeared from the internet (though I’m doing my best to track it down).  Back in 2007 when I last linked to it, the list was out of date (and it put my birthday as 1981 rather than 1982), but it had a good collection of names on it.  Hopefully, some day, I’ll find it again.

Until then, however, I have some other descriptions of the early days of the Linsenbardt family in the United States, courtesy of my Uncle Tom.  For posterity’s sake, I’m posting them here.

The ‘Linsenbardt’ Name – February 3, 1989

Brief History of the Family Linsenbardt in the United States – January 14, 1992

J. Andrew Carl Linsenbardt – June 30, 1996

Edmund Henry Linsenbard – January 1, 1988

Eva Catharina Linsenbardt – January 15, 1989

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