We’re At The Hospital!


We’ve been in this “waiting game,” of sorts, for the past few days. We had an appointment with the doctors last Thursday, and this past Monday, having “non-stress tests” done on the baby, and an ultrasound. Both turned out to be just fine (the baby’s heart beat was strong and regular, and the ultrasound showed enough fluid in the uterus, as well as a healthy placenta).

However, Brooke still hadn’t dilated all that far. Contractions have been increasing in frequency and intensity to the point where she “winces” most times when she has one, typically about every 5 minutes or so. Therefore, we had another appointment for today, having another ultrasound and another non-stress test. Again, everything looks good, but no increased dilation. The doctor said we could continue on, but now that we are 8 days past our due date, he’d be more wary of not scheduling another appointment until next Monday.

So, we’re inducing. Right now. And I have WiFi here at the hospital.

Could be tonight, could be tomorrow. Either way, very shortly, we should have a new addition to the family!

Also, it doesn’t escape me that Jim and Pam are scheduled to have their baby tonight. 😛

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