Meet Meg


Margaret Jean Linsenbardt (or “Meg,” as she’ll be called) was born at 8:57 am on Friday, March 5th. At birth, she weighed 6 lb 13 oz and measured 19.5″ tall.

I’ll leave all the details to Brooke, as she’s the one that actually endured the pregnancy. I’ll just say that it was more difficult than she’d originally anticipated, and it ended up being quite the ordeal! Albeit, a rewarding one. 🙂

There are more pictures available after the jump on our Picasa Web Album. I’ll be adding more to that album in the next few days, as we get to know our new daughter a bit better!

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  1. On the way soon, Brooke (TD)! Brooke (L) will be posting something when she has a few spare moments. She finally made it to Facebook and Gmail today…2 days after Meg’s birth. Maybe tomorrow?

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