McDonald’s Feeds You on your Break?!

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Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis (R-O’Fallon) has been making a few headlines around these here parts because of her newsletter June newsletter that stated the following:

“Who’s buying dinner? Who is getting paid to serve the meal? Churches and other non-profits can do this at no cost to the taxpayer if it is warranted … Bigger governmental programs take away our connectedness to the human family, our brotherhood and our need for one another … Anyone under 18 can be eligible? Can’t they get a job during the summer by the time they are 16? Hunger can be a positive motivator. What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? Tip: If you work for McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your break.”

A variety of “liberal rags” picked up on this, including our own Riverfront Times (where she was voted “Ass Clown of the Week”…hehehehe…), and Keith Olberman’s show, “Countdown.”

For a more amusing take on it, however, I leave you with Stephen Colbert, above. He talks about her for the first minute or so and then goes on to discuss Mark Sanford (which is also funny, but not really pertinent to Rep. Davis).

Anyway, I’m just glad she’s not my representative.

Side-Note: Davis was also mentioned in an article yesterday in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying that she, and a few other Missouri Republicans, have been attending meetings called by a California Dentist, Orly Taitz, that calls Obama’s citizenship into question. And even if his birth certificate is genuine, she says “he can’t be president because his father was Kenyan.” Seriously.

4 Replies to “McDonald’s Feeds You on your Break?!”

  1. Hilarious.

    Also- this birth certificate thing is really getting stupid. When will ultra-republicans realize that people aren’t entirely stupid and willing to believe any nonsense? I mean, they’re only hurting themselves and their relations with the general public (voters).

  2. Yeah, it’s bad enough that those individuals are still focusing on this “issue,” but that the Republicans are still giving the idea credence…it’s mind-boggling…

    Quite honestly, I thought they’d let that one go. Apparently not. You should read the comments by the crazies at the bottom of the STLtoday article. They make me laugh on a daily basis. 🙂

  3. If McDonalds is feeding them on their breaks, then will the next challenge be obesity in hungry families?

    My brother worked at Mickey Ds while we were in high school and he usually had to steal food because anything you eat was taken out of your pay…

  4. People like Davis and the people at that meeting are literally the lunatic fringe, but luckily they’re loud enough right now that they’re getting press. I say luckily because, while I find what they have to say stupid and infuriating, the crazier the Republican Party looks, the better my party looks by comparison.

    Although I think most Missouri political folk know by now that Cynthia Davis is just completely batshit crazy at this point. She’s been saying this kind of stuff since before I worked in Jeff City, which was like 4 years ago.

    What can I say? She’s from O’Fallon.

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