Edie: Wonder Dog

So, Edie isn’t the happiest dog when we leave her alone at someone else’s place. She was kind enough to hurt herself over the summer at Brooke’s parent’s house by getting her mouth stuck in the cage doors of the kennel she was in…so this time, at my parent’s house, we locked her up in Pepper’s old kennel (which is a bit bigger and constructed differently than ours).

Well, we got home from church and dinner (a total of, like, 4 – 4.5 hrs?) and found her loose inside the house. “What the heck,” we say…

We go downstairs to check out how exactly she got the door open. Apparently, as the picture above shows, she didn’t get the door open – she tore a new hole in the bars…

Needless to say, this is getting a bit ridiculous. To top it all off, once loose, she got into our cooler and stole some of my deer jerky (courtesy of Uncle Mike…thanks!) and ate some leftover cheese cake “bites,” keeping her awake through most of the night.


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  1. maybe next time we should just take her along to church! [Andy – I think you should add a special section to your Blog. You could entitle it “Beagle Tales” and give Edie updates. (Dad)]

    She’d be a STAR!!

  2. good point! does Laura have any suggestions?? Jim and I are considering hiring a dog-sitter if we need to leave her home alone from now on!! 😉

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