So, I miss Kirksville…

I miss the people I met over the years
I miss getting up 5 min before class and still making it on time
I miss the lack of traffic
I miss a good Super Wal-Mart
I miss being able to care very little about classes
I miss the Dukum and everything about it


I don’t miss the fact that it was 10 F when I woke up today in St. Louis…but it was -14 F in Kirksville…

Friends in Kirksville? You kids have a nice day 🙂

4 Replies to “So, I miss Kirksville…”

  1. When it’s less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temptation to stay in bed an extra couple hours (until the heat kicks on) and just take ETO for the day is truly overwhelming.

    The fact that the bar at the Dukum is on the left still really bothers me.

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