…w00t…OS X on my PC…

Yeah, so Steve Jobs officially announced that Apple will now start using Intel chips in their systems beginning in mid-2006 for their lower-end systems and 2007 for their high-end systems…

I guess there are two likely possibilities for this move:

  • Apple will increase their user-base by getting their millions of iPod customers and Photoshop aficionados to use Mac OS X on their PC.
  • Apple will lose their user-base because the hardware is now sub-standard (like many PCs today…and all Dells…) and their target market (people my age…) will be able to download OS X for free to install on their PCs, thereby relieving any need to ever buy a Mac

So yeah, I dunno about this. I mean, it’s cool that I’ll be able to have a sweet OS on my PCs (besides Linux…although, OS X is essentially Linux anyway…which is even sweeter…), but at the same time, it’s more than likely that Apple will fold over this…and also possible that they’ll exist in the future only as a software company and iPod company, no longer making computers…since I’ll now be able to build my own Macs… I dunno, it’ll be interesting to see how this paradigm shift plays out…

2 Replies to “…w00t…OS X on my PC…”

  1. …yes, it’s true…but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t rock… 😛

    …and the Enterprise could take out the Death Star…no contest… 😛

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