10.13.12 Lunch

I love snack meals: salami, cheese, homemade pretzels, apples, mustard, and some pickles! When Andy was out of town, Meg and I had this several times in different arrangements.

10.07.12 Dinner

Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and bacon. Pretty boring, but the internet taught me that if you cook the potatoes in the microwave (like baked potatoes) for awhile before you chop them up and fry them, you get a much better fried potato/hashbrown!

10.06.12 Lunch

Pizza boats! Well, fancy ones on Companion pretzel bread. Andy’s school lunch history did not contain pizza boats. He was missing out!!

Another New Toy!

After more than 7 years of coveting a stand mixer and an anxiety attack in the kitchen store, I finally broke down and was willing to spend the money for a Kitchenaid mixer. I thought I wanted the standard classic in a lime green finish, but after some more research decided that the higher powered one would suit my needs for longer. So far, it’s made several batches of cookies, whipped cream, mashed potatoes, multiple loaves of bread, hamburger buns, and some beeswax lotion. Hooray!!!