Finding Nemo?!

So yeah, Time Magazine released their 100 Greatest Movies list and it includes the likes of Psycho, The Lord of the Rings, Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, Star Wars…and friggin’ Finding Nemo. Seriously…Finding Nemo…granted, it was an excellent movie and won Best Animated Feature of the Year at the Oscars…but is it really one of the 100 Greatest Movies of All time?!!? …there are at least 6 Star Trek movies I can think of that are better than that one….I can think of various animated movies that are better (Aladdin and The Lion King…). I’m thinking that Time may be losing some credibility, yo…

I love my little sister…

Quothe Kristen:

Reasons why Lucas sucks and Star Trek is better:
1. One word: “NOOOOOOOOO” ~Darth Vadar (oh my god!)
2. R2D2 and C3PO were the best actors in the damn movies
3. Roddenberry was smart enough to know that computer animated characters look fake
4. Why does Yoda need a walking stick if he can do back flips?
5. He waited for the advanced technology only to use it to screw everything up!
6. At least the “droid” in ST was smart and had a sex life.
7. Props for the light sabers, but everybody still had guns, so why didn’t they just Indiana Jones their jedi asses?
8. Why do people make fun of trekkies so much when Lucas fans camp out in front of theaters for weeks and whore themselves out for tickets aside from wearing rolls on their ears and dressing up like huge dogs?

New Address

I got information on our new address in St. Louis, so beginning in late-June, our new mailing address with be:

Brooke and Andy
5524 Genesta Walk
St. Louis, MO 63123

Updates and such…

So yeah, as of last Saturday, I have a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry (now officially, since grades are posted and I apparently graduated…). For now, I’ll continue working at the HelpDesk here at Truman until ~June 17th, when I’ll start worrying about getting all my stuff moved to St. Louis so I can start graduate school at Saint Louis University beginning July 1st. Also, I’ll be getting married June 25th in Hannibal… Yeah, things are changing rather quickly…

Otherwise, I’ll be going home to Columbia for Memorial Day weekend so I can go to Stu and Angela’s wedding. His bachelor party last Friday night was rather fun as well, consisting of frisbee golf, dinner at Flat Branch, and a lot of Halo 2…the best bachelor party ever… 😉

First Post!

Yeah…I have a blog now…we’ll see how this goes and whether I stick with it…or whether I break this computer and lose everything… Updates will follow, I’m sure…