1982: The Year That Was

As I was born in 1982, I don’t remember anything about it.  Thus, I thought it prudent to see what else happened that year, aside from my birth.  Apparently, quite a few things went down, as Wikipedia is helpful in pointing out.  The Wikipedia post mostly involves world events, if you’re curious, but I picked out a few of the more interesting ones to highlight here.  At least, more interesting to my generation.

A few interesting tidbits about 1982:

  • Average cost of a gallon of gas: $0.91
  • Price of a US Postage Stamp: $0.20
  • Average Price of a New Car: $7,983.00
  • Average Price of a New House: $82,200

Here’s a list of stuff that happened in 1982:

5 thoughts on “1982: The Year That Was

  1. Debbie

    I was looking at your baby book recently (because I’m your mom) and noticed the page titled “The world as it was…” I noted Prince Wm’s birth as being a headline of the day. Steve Martin was popular, and Harrison Ford. George Brett and Magic Johnson were the big sports names of the day – duh!! Under Best Movies of the year I listed ST II (another duh!), E.T., and On Golden Pond. Under “fads” I mentioned “video games, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger” . Thirty years later maybe video games didn’t turn out to be a fad!! ha Happy Birthday son!

    1. Andy Post author

      Video games were a fad?! For shame! :-)

      I had fun looking some of these up. I knew most of them (Thriller, ET, CDs), but I didn’t realize the Vietnam Memorial was that old, nor that Graceland opened up that year.

      Good times!

  2. Jill

    Happy belated birthday, or happy birth-week (when you get older the birthday celebrating can last longer, especially for milestones. When you get REALLY old the celebrations last all year). Since I was born at the tail end of 1981 (December 5) I experienced more of 1982 in my early life than my actual birth year. I am embarrassed that I did not know that little Canuck fact about Canada Day!


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