R.I.P. Garden

May 2010-October 2010

Last weekend, while my mom was here to take Meg to Target to buy toys, we finished pulling everything out of the garden and turned the dirt over in preparation for the long Iowa winter ahead. I didn’t know what we were really getting into when I planted in May, I just wanted to see what would grow and what wouldn’t so I can really get going next spring. I learned that the dirt is so good here that everything grows monstrously and need twice as much room as I gave it, it’s hard to mow under out of control squash, and cheap tomato cages aren’t worth the 99 cents I spent at all. I’ve ordered my seed catalogs and am looking forward to plotting out next year’s garden plan before I start my seeds inside in a few months!

2 Replies to “R.I.P. Garden”

  1. You certainly got your money’s worth from the seeds/plants you purchased! And lots of baby food stored for the winter too. Sweet potatoes look really nice.

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