I set out to make a whole bunch of baby paraphernalia several months ago, knowing that I wouldn’t find what I wanted for a price I was willing to pay in a store. So, I picked out dollar-a-yard fabric from Walmart, made my list of projects, and got started. As usual with a project, I jumped in full steam ahead only to be sidetracked by one small glitch after another, slowing me down and causing me to lose any motivation I had to just finish and clean everything up. The biggest problem I had was that the sewing machine my mom gave me for my 18th birthday froze and was not worth repairing. The extra machine my grandma gave me a few years ago because she didn’t like it has been broken (totally my fault for trying to fix a small problem myself on that one) and sitting in our basement for over a year, so it wasn’t an option unless I decided to invest more than either machine is really worth in repairs. Anyway, I ended up ordering a new Brother machine from Costco, at the suggestion of one of my coworkers. Aside from being impatient about waiting for it to be delivered, it was a great deal for a machine that has a few more bells and whistles than my previous machine. Since we’re also using cloth diapers, I decided to try my hand at making some reusable wipes as an additional project after I finished everything else, mostly to have a reason to try out some of the stitches the new machine offers. Andy was kind enough (dorky enough, really) to play around with the camera to get some shots of the various stitches and I’m quite happy with the wipes…even though I know they’ll be pretty gross and will be thrown away eventually, I got to play with my new toy!!

4 Replies to “Thwarted”

  1. Your little one will have the cutest wipes any bottom has ever seen! Good idea to experiment with all those stitches. (hope they can be bleached)

  2. My first question is did you finish the other projects first? I saw the fabric and really like it.
    My next question is WHY? Baby wipes of all things…have you read or do you know what poop from a breast fed baby looks like? Good luck, when I come, I think I’ll bring my own disposable wipes!

  3. Cute! And I thought that poop from breastfed babies was supposed to be much better (or at least much less smelly) than babies who are on formula or real food.

    Have fun with your new machine!

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