Sling Wing!!!

Ok, when we were kids, we played with these contraptions, thanks to my Uncle Bob’s brother.  They’re called Sling Wings and until a few weeks ago, I thought everybody had them, but apparently, they weren’t that well known outside of the Poor family.  Anyway, Mom found one in the garage and brought it to me when Rachel came to visit this weekend, so we headed to the park with the dog to show Andy how real kids have fun…here are the results of this outing:11.JPG


If you look closely, you can see it in flight (it’s yellow…with red, blue, and silver stickers, in case you were wondering).


Me, imitating the Sling Wing.


Rachel.  You use a rubber band to shoot the styrofoam piece like a sling shot.


Andy gives it a try.


Something was funny…


I shot myself and bled…I’m cool like that!


Last, but not least, Edie.

I’ll now take orders…I’m sure Bob will give me the patent…you know you all want some!!

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  1. For the record, that “something was funny” picture should actually read: “I just hurt myself and Rachel was laughing at me, while I was laughing/crying”… I should know, as I took the picture… 😛

    That, and Edie could be the cutest dog to ever exist. It may be true.

  2. I feel I must comment since I was the one that gave the sling wing to Brooke. I cannot believe that someone can actually get hurt with styrofoam and a rubber band unless you “shoot your eye out” which wasn’t what the mishap was. Oh well…where did I go wrong!

  3. Rachel or Andy in the picture if you send me your address I will send you the updated version free and this comes with a stick. The ones without sticks we called thumb whackers.

    The new ones are a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the blog.

    Scott Rundle
    Chief Pilot
    Sling Wing

  4. trying to get in touch with steve corbin ? If anyone out there knows him/ please give him my e mail or phone # 951-218-9572 Thank You Very Much

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