Five Years

June 25, 2005 was our wedding day.  I’m not going to recount that day in particular (besides pointing out how friggin’ hot it was…), and I’m not going to write anything sappy in this post (as that really isn’t our style).  But, instead, I’m going to highlight a few old blog posts here as a reminder of various important (or less important) events in our lives over the course of the past 5 years.

(I’m doing this partially because I’ve been going through a lot of old posts, “tagging” them to make it easier for me to find in the future.  So, I’ve been reminded of quite a few things over the past few days of doing this!)

…and then…there were two…

“Yup, I’m married…crazy, eh? Brooke and I have moved into our new place in St. Louis and are almost done putting everything where it needs to go…by the end of tomorrow, we should be mostly done…until the next volley of wedding presents arrives this weekend…”

…fun with turtles…

“…and on a side-note, I get to play with my new praise band tonight at Webster Hills UMC…those drums won’t know what hit ‘em…”


“Otherwise, Brooke and I are preparing to move to Soulard (neighborhood in the City of St. Louis) from our current apartment.”

…what a weekend…

“Arguably the most pertinent part of the weekend, however, came on Sunday… Brooke and I were wanting to get a pet, so we finally did.”

Miracles Happen

“The moral is that it seems that this thing would have happened no matter what Dad was doing or where he was, so it’s pretty amazing that he was at the fire station with capable people instead of anywhere else.”

Meet Edie

“Well, we found Edith Ann at the Humane Society here in St. Louis yesterday…”Edie” for short…”


“So, I had a spur-of-the-moment interview today with a company called Bridges Community Support Services. It went really well, and at the end of the conversation, the CEO/owner offered me a job as a Community Support Worker.”

Edie: Wonder Dog

“We go downstairs to check out how exactly she got the door open. Apparently, as the picture above shows, she didn’t get the door open – she tore a new hole in the bars…”

Meet Meg

“Margaret Jean Linsenbardt (or “Meg,” as she’ll be called) was born at 8:57 am on Friday, March 5th. At birth, she weighed 6 lb 13 oz and measured 19.5″ tall.”


“Now that I’m out of school, after 22 years, one could argue that I’m finally ready to join the ‘real world.'”

Happy Anniversary, Wife.  🙂

Transcript Follows

An interchange of text messages between Brooke and I are as follows:

Brooke: “Guess who broke her rope but didn’t run away?”

Andy: “Sam? Oh wait…you said ‘her’… Meg? ;-)”

Brooke: “Yep. When i said day care i meant tied up with a rope.”

Guess you had to be there… 😛



It seems that Sam, our cat, has made it his personal mission to prepare us for parenthood: yowling incessantly while trying to take a Sunday afternoon nap; constantly needing to be picked up and carried around; inhibiting showers, meals, dishes, sewing, hair curling, and pretty much everything you NEED to get done right now; and the usual eating, shedding, puking, trying to escape, and annoying the dog. Anybody want a cute orange monster in February??

They was sleepin’…

Sleeping family...
Sleeping family...

The family was sleeping during “Criminal Minds” Wednesday night…thought I should share the photo op with everyone else… 😛

On a side-note, according to my WordPress Dashboard, this is my 400th post on this blog. Crazy times, yo.

Sam, on virtual video…

A video on YouTube titled “Simon’s Cat ‘Cat Man Do.'” Personally, I think it’s about Sam, ’cause that’s what he does… Any morning that he doesn’t have food in his bowl around 5:00-6:00 am, he starts scratching under our door. Never fails. The fluff ball makes me feed him before I go to bed just to ensure that he doesn’t wake me up too early in the morning. This morning, I squirted him with a water bottle…he came back 30 minutes later and started again…

Anyway, this video is an appropriate representation of our cat…enjoy… 😛

Mass hysteria

So, I don’t always chit-chat about Sam the Cat and Edie the Dog, but I decided I should relay this story…mostly because I’ve only been posting videos recently, but also because it’s somewhat amusing how devious these two are…

Two nights ago (Sunday), I pulled the deer jerky bag off the top of the refrigerator (thanks Uncle Mike!) and had a few pieces. As usual, I gave a small amount to Edie and a little to Sam – yes, even the cat, that usually doesn’t eat “people-food,” does like to eat deer.

The next morning (Monday), Brooke wakes up first and finds the dog downstairs breaking into the deer jerky bag. After I find out about this, I retrace my steps from the previous night. “Did I put the jerky back on top of the fridge? Yes! I’m sure I did!” The only explanation is that Sam must have gotten up there and pushed it off…but that would be a new one, as Sam had never gotten on top of the fridge before (to our knowledge).

Well, last night (Monday…still…), Brooke and I are both upstairs and it’s quiet enough for me to hear something fall to the ground down in the kitchen. I rush downstairs, as I can’t see Edie anywhere, and sure enough: the jerky is on the floor next to the fridge…and the cat is jumping down from the counter.

We’ve long thought that the cat and dog, while not always getting along, cooperate for certain things. Apparently, deer jerky is one of them. Which is now housed inside the refrigerator (…and if those two can get in there, then I say they deserve the jerky…).

“Cats and dogs…living together…mass hysteria!”


In a world of violence, sickness and poverty…

Sam and Edie

…there are none happier than a dog and cat lying in the sunlight… 😛

Meet Edie

Meet Edie!

So, we’ve been looking for a dog for a little while now…  Preferably, a somewhat older one so it would be more mellow, yet energetic enough to go out on walks, etc.  Also, a breed that wouldn’t bark too much and that would get along with a kitty cat…  We’ve checked out various on-line venues, including the pound, and various groups around the state.

Well, we found Edith Ann at the Humane Society here in St. Louis yesterday…”Edie” for short…  She’s a 5 year old 13″ Beagle that was owned by an older lady who had to give her up to enter a nursing home.  We brought her home today and all is well so far!  She’s a sweetie…haven’t heard her bark yet…although she does whine a bit…  She’s a little overweight, so we’ve gotta limit her food for awhile and be sure to take her on frequent walks, but that was the plan, anyway…

So far, Sam isn’t a fan of his new roommate…  He spent most of the day hiding under the bed, but finally came out around 8:30 to see what the deal is…  He’s checked Edie out a few times, but has yet to really “make friends”…  I’m sure it’ll work out, though…

Anyway, there are more pictures on my Google Photos page…check ’em out…and come visit if you want!

Cousin's visiting…

Jonathan’s visiting while he does a brief internship here in St. Louis. He and Sam are getting along quite well. …and by “getting along, ” I mean that Sam likes to chew on his hand.

It’s hysterical.


Cousin’s visiting…

Jonathan’s visiting while he does a brief internship here in St. Louis. He and Sam are getting along quite well. …and by “getting along, ” I mean that Sam likes to chew on his hand.

It’s hysterical.