10.28.12 Dinner

Fancy dinner with some friends!

We had sourdough toast and goat cheese with our cocktails, but we forgot to take pictures of those. The cocktail was fresh orange juice, American Honey Wild Turkey, vanilla, and soda water. Kind of like a fizzy creamsicle. Then,
Wilted spinach salad:

Cast iron steaks, mashed potatoes, mushroom cream sauce, and green beans:

And, Pots de Creme, no pictures, but done before here and here.

10.27.12 Dinner

A noble attempt that failed miserably and ended in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These were twice bakes sweet potatoes with roasted corn and black beans in the filling. The recipe called for 4-6 chipotle peppers, but one would have probably been more than sufficient. They were so hot, Meg cried when she tried a bite 🙁

10.18.12 Dinner

Weird dinner, but I needed you to know that it’s not all balanced and beautiful meals around here! The rest of the homemade pretzels, fried eggs, and applesauce. So we covered the salt, grease, and sugar food groups…

10.13.12 Lunch

I love snack meals: salami, cheese, homemade pretzels, apples, mustard, and some pickles! When Andy was out of town, Meg and I had this several times in different arrangements.

10.07.12 Dinner

Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and bacon. Pretty boring, but the internet taught me that if you cook the potatoes in the microwave (like baked potatoes) for awhile before you chop them up and fry them, you get a much better fried potato/hashbrown!

10.06.12 Lunch

Pizza boats! Well, fancy ones on Companion pretzel bread. Andy’s school lunch history did not contain pizza boats. He was missing out!!