Keys to Success in College

By Mr. Hushbeck

1). Read 20-30 minutes per class on Sunday through Friday (might need to be increased for papers and projects).

2). Friday evening and all of Saturday are off limits for studying (unless you are in a bind, which won’t happen if you follow #1).

3). Avoid negative ideas about college. You pay thousands of dollars for this education, get all of it that you can (i.e. don’t party on study days, don’t skip class, blow off a project, etc.)

4). Don’t get stuck in a clique. It is easy to do, especially with fraternities and sororities. These are good, but don’t limit yourself. Make friends with the girl that has eight different body parts pierced, or the Japanese guy that only knows english words that he learned from TV. It will expand your mind’s experiences, and that is the true essence of college.

5). Limit your extracurricular activities to things you are passionate about or things you might be interested in, but haven’t ever tried. Don’t do something because you think it will look good on a resume. No employer cares if you were on the dormitory bathroom cleanliness committee your freshman year.

6). Do not become roommates with your best friend.

7). Every once and awhile, stay up really late and be crazy with your friends. This is when the best college memories are made.

8). Be disobedient. If you disagree with something, state your opinion on the matter in a very appropriate and polite way, and do something to change it if possible.

9). This one is for the ladies. Make any guy work really, really hard to impress you. This will filter out the jerks and losers, and then you can hang out with guys who are intelligent and kind-hearted. All college guys seem intelligent and kind-hearted at first.

10). You are at college to learn new things and expand your mind’s experiences. Many people aren’t. Avoid these people like the plague, or they will pull you down with them!!!

Mr. Walt Hushbeck taught Brooke’s senior high chemistry class at Hannibal High School.

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