Free Software

Here are some links to good, free programs that you should download and use, rather than spending the cash on (frequently) inferior programs.

Mozilla Firefox – A superior web browser, with tabbed-browsing, pop-up blocker, and is safer than Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Thunderbird – An alternative to Outlook Express, complete with the ability to handle multiple accounts and read RSS newsfeeds.

Google Chrome – Another good web browser, which I have been using more recently.  Updates itself automatically and works well with small computer screens (i.e. netbooks).

Pidgin – A good, multi-protocol (i.e. Yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc.), instant message client…even lets you do transparency-type pretty things in Windows… Formerly known as Gaim… – Fully featured office software, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database.

NeoOffice – The Mac version of

The GIMP – A functional Adobe Photoshop alternative.  It’s not as powerful as it’s multi-hundred dollar competitor, but if you want many of the important functions of Photoshop, including “Clone Tool” and layering, you should give this a shot.

VideoLAN – VLC is simply the best video player I’ve ever used.  No matter what the codec you’re using, this media player is always able to play it.

Ad-Aware – Spyware-removal tool…works very, very well…but you have to keep it updated yourself.

SpyBot: S&D – Another good Spyware-removal tool that, again, you have to keep updated yourself.

AVG Antivirus – …just as it says… If you don’t want to spend the money renewing Norton or McAfee every year, download this.

Ubuntu Linux – If you’re feeling really daring and want to try using a Linux distribution rather than silly old Windoze, give Ubuntu a try. Installs easily, updates itself, etc…for free!  You can now boot Ubuntu from a disc or from a USB flash drive on your system to try it out before installing, and you can install it alongside Windows if you want to dual-boot.  Highly recommended for stability and ease-of-use.