01.21.11 Dinner

Quiche with mushrooms, prosciutto, onions, and spinach, Caesar salad, and garlic bread. A good Friday night dinner!

01.20.11 Dinner

Tuna Noodle Casserole. Uninventive, but really fast and very few dishes so we could eat before Water Babies and Andy could fix the printers while we were gone instead of doing dishes.

01.18.11 Dinner

Pasta bake with spinach, homegrown and canned tomato sauce, and Parmesan cheese. With some more of the bread I made on Sunday. Andy also had this last night as leftovers since I was working, so I’m not really too far behind!

01.17.11 Dinner

The plan was to make these “skillets” one morning during our weekend without Meg. Yesterday we slept in so had bagels before church and today we needed to get on the road before the second round of snow storm moved in so we could get to Meg in Hannibal and get back before dark. So, we had these for dinner tonight instead! They have fried potato, sausage, green pepper, red onion, scrambled egg, and cheddar cheese layered in Fiesta “Gusto” bowls. If I were Emily J., I’d have cute little cast iron skillets to make these in, but colorful dishes will have to do!!!

01.16.11 Dinner

Our “fancy” dinner while Meg was away was tortellini with peas and prosciutto. Also, homemade bread, and an attempt at flan that did not work, so we didn’t eat much of it. Is flan supposed to be super egg-y?

Part whole-wheat Fougasse with a salt and pepper crust. Delicious dipped in olive oil seasoned with Parmesan cheese and black pepper.

Peas and prosciutto, a la Pasta Factory. Andy complained about the mushrooms, but ate them anyway.

The flan. Pretty, but not good. I even tried to fancy it up with vanilla bean and whiskey, now I’m out of vanilla bean until my next trip to St. Louis.

01.15.11 Breakfast: When the cat’s away, the mice will play

Or, When Meg’s away at Grandma’s, Brooke will cook!

Breakfast this morning: Orange-yogurt muffins with blueberries, fried eggs, banana-strawberry smoothies, bacon, and chai tea for me and coffee for Andy. By the way, Farmland bacon is, hands down, better than any other bacon I’ve bought. It’s not all that more expensive than Aldi bacon and cooks better and tastes better than anything else.

01.07.11 Dinner

Sorry for the delay in food postings, but I get easily sidetracked. Last Friday’s dinner was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and milk gravy, and “grandma” corn.

We’ve been eating since then, I just forgot to document it! Saturday we had company so I made baked pork chops, macaroni and cheese, green beans, applesauce, and chocolate pie. Sunday we had bean soup and cornbread, and last night we had breakfast burritos and yogurt. Exciting, huh?!?

01.05.11 Dinner

A fussy baby, coming home late from work, and a headache meant “dirty” eggs (scrambled eggs with whatever I can find in the fridge to throw in them), toast, and mandarin oranges for dinner tonight.

In other news, Meg and I started Water Babies last night, so Tuesday and Thursday dinners will more than likely be leftovers for the next six weeks. For tomorrow night, you can just go back to the Shepherd’s Pie meal we had on Sunday if you want to see what we’re having!!

01.03.11: Dinner

Turkey and cheddar sandwiches, steamed fresh broccoli, and homemade chips for which I tried out my new mandolin and it worked wonderfully!