Garden Update: Mid-July

IMG_20150716_105553011We came back from our vacation and the garden was, shockingly, not destroyed.  Definitely quite a few weeds in there that we need to take care of, but I bet it’d be worse if I hadn’t been putting grass clippings in open areas.

As you can see above (shaded, so perhaps not that easy to see…), the corn is tasseling and we’ve got a few other small rows of corn popping up.  The stalks aren’t all that all, but we’ve got some ears showing up.  Also, the green beans have some pickable veggies ready to go.  We’ll probably pick those and eat some in the coming nights, though Brooke wants to wait on some until they get bigger before she cans some.

IMG_20150716_105605644We picked some of the broccoli before we left and had some.  Not bad!  Kinda “gamey,” perhaps?  Difficult to describe, but not quite what I would expect if I were picking up a head from the store.  You can see another head in the picture above, but it’s flowering, so probably won’t taste all that good.

Also, you’ll notice the pumpkins proliferating and vining.  We don’t see any buds on them yet, but they’re looking pretty good!


Mom was wondering about the soup beans, so here’s a picture…  I don’t see many buds yet, but like the pumpkins, the vines are really taking off, so it shouldn’t be much longer!

IMG_20150716_105625192Now that the sun has finally returned to Missouri and the rain clouds have slowed down a bit, the tomatoes are starting to take off.  There are three plants in the foreground (that we thought were peppers…), and all the plants on the trellises.  The three remaining pepper plants are still pretty tiny, so I’m not getting my hopes up for them, unfortunately.

The tomatoes, however, have quite a few flowers on them…

IMG_20150716_105646811and we even have some actual, legit, tomatoes on there!  Totally green still, but they’re getting to a good size.  Not very many yet, but we’re hopeful that the July heat (that, literally, started last weekend…as in, we hadn’t seen 90+ F temps until last week…which is crazy for July…) will start to move the tomatoes further.

More later!

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  1. Looks pretty good actually. I’m surprised with the weather we’ve had. Hope the tomatoes produce! The soup beans look so pretty and fresh!

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