So, my little sister is getting married in July and I offered to make a contribution of homebrew to the festivities.  She’s going to design labels for them and will make them available as people leave the reception, rather than making it available during the reception, which would require us to deal with some logistical hurdles…and make a lot more…

Regardless, I picked two of the better varieties I’ve made before.  The Cream Ale batch I made was light, highly drinkable, and can be enjoyed by folks with a range of tastes, including those with only a taste for yellow fizzy water (e.g. Bud Light).  The Chinook IPA is something quite a bit different, as it is a hoppier pale ale.  It probably won’t suit as many tastes, but will still allow for some variety between beer styles.  Kristen’s fiancé, Jake, who has also started homebrewing recently, will make a batch of something “in the middle,” so perhaps something like a honey brown, for example, or a wheat beer.

In total, we should end up producing around 20 gal of beer which, assuming we actually got that volume (and we won’t), would net 213 bottles.  Not too shabby.

Part of doing the brewing now, though, is to ensure the beer is actually somewhat decent.  I’ll bottle it in early-March, and it can then condition and age into April.  If it isn’t great (or at least good) by April, then I can brew some more and still have it ready by mid-July.  I don’t want to take any chances in beer quality here: I don’t mind drinking my own batches I’ve screwed up, but I wouldn’t want to impart them upon others.

Still, this Saturday, I’ll brew 15 gal of beer, all in one day.  I’ve done two batches in one day before, but this will be the first time I attempt three.  Mom and Dad are going to drive in to help out (and by “help,” I mean entertain a certain almost-3-year-old so I can focus on making 15 gal of beer).  The forecast says that it should be 47 F and partly cloudy, so likely a pretty good day for some outdoor brewing.

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