A Weekend At The Movies

Ever since adding another person to the human population, I haven’t been able to watch as many movies as I used to. I’m sure this is mostly, and/or directly, related to the fact that it’s difficult to sit on a couch and watch something for 2 hours without being interrupted in some fashion by our offspring, but I think there have also been other distractions since moving to Iowa. Granted, the colder weather has limited our outdoor excursions, but last summer, we were outside more enjoying the weather or working in the garden (and that’s about to get started again in the next few months).  I’ve also been gaming quite a bit in the past year, more than I had been before.  I think a lot of that is also because it’s a lot easier to fit in 1 hour per day of gaming than it is to fit in half a movie, only to finish it the next day.

Therefore, I think I’m ready for a movie-filled weekend.  Less gaming, more movie-ing.  And with cold weather in store, I imagine that we’ll be parked downstairs in our pajamas for most of the weekend, anyway.  I’ve got a gaggle of DVDs that need some watching, as well as various flicks on Netflix Instant Queue that probably should have been watched long ago.  So here’s a list of the ones I’m considering, some of which I’ll make Brooke watch, too:

Of course, I guarantee that only half of those may actually get watched, but it’s still a worthwhile goal.  And more than likely, I’ll get Brooke on board with this idea and the movie selection will change dramatically.  I figure if I’m not making it to the movie theater as often as I used to, I may as well bring it to the comfort of my own home.  I think I’ve still got a free rental on Vudu through the PS3, so we’ll have a look at their selection as well.

Suggestions?  Apart from this list?  Especially easy-to-get Netflix ones.

Update: In case anyone was wondering what we (or just me…) ended up actually watching, here’s the list:

I’m satisfied with this weekend’s crop.  Should tide me over for awhile, at least.  🙂

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  1. Have you ever watched The China Syndrome? I see a couple of oldies on your list – and this one is rather timely.

    Avatar? Why waste your time? 😉

    1. Never seen “China Syndrome.” I’ll add it to the queue, though I’m not sure we’ll get to it this weekend. Half the time, I just add stuff so I remember to watch it someday. That’s part of the reason for this weekend: clear out some stuff I added loooooooong ago to make room for more!

      And Brooke still hasn’t seen “Avatar.” Nice, epic, sci-fi. Deal with it. 😛

  2. I agree, Avatar is definitely a nice sci-fi epic if you’re in the mood for one, and definitely a very pretty film if you can get over the message that gets shoved in your face over and over and over….

    And Shutter Island is SO good. If this is the first time you’re watching it let me know what you think! …and think of me saying “is SHE the one” the whole time. 😛

    1. I just detest Leonardo DiCaprio, but I’ve been told by enough people that I should watch it, and there’s little excuse when I can stream it to my PS3.

      I checked, though, and Carrie-Anne Moss is not in the movie, therefore, I will not be wondering whether “she’s the one” or not – she most definitely isn’t “The One.” 😛

    1. Glad you like them! I’ve had a few for a bit now, but it brings our internet to a ridiculous crawl, so I only do it overnight. And sometimes I forget!

      I was going to do it Friday, but our ‘Net connection starting giving us problems, making all the Netflix-ing difficult this weekend. I think I’ve figured it out…and we need a new router. Good thing I’ve got an old wired one lying around!

      1. Yes yes yes … thanks for the videos. She really seems to be playing to the camera sometimes – like she knows we’re watching! What happened to the futon in the office, tho. Seems to be missing! 😉

        My fave video was where she’s on your shoulders and she leans over to look in the mirror or something. She does it twice — so stinkin’ cute! Anxious to see her again soon..

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