A New Coat of Paint

As I alluded to a few days ago, I was getting a bit bored with the previous website theme, and as I was upgrading to WordPress 3.0 on the back-end, I figured it was about time to switch around the front-end a bit, too.  I honestly didn’t look around all that hard, but I came across this series of themes from Digital Nature that looked really classy and customizable.  I’ll still be changing things around a bit as we re-arrange some series of links, but this is effectively what the site will look like.  A few points of interest:

  • The Picasa photo browser is now at the bottom of the page, and a bit smaller.
  • The background image will probably get changed from time to time.  I’m not entirely happy with what I did with the coloring, so I may fix that…but that picture will probably remain on the site for a bit.
  • At the bottom of the links on the right-hand column, there’s a little tabbed browser now that is worth checking out.  It now includes the “tag cloud,” as well as a “most commented on posts” and “recent comments” browser.

Anyway, I think it looks a bit prettier now.  As always, consider it to be a “beta” product.  🙂

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