“You were 2 ft away from Jon Foreman once, kiddo.”


Brooke heard awhile back that loud music and subwoofers are good for helping “coax” your child out of your womb, so in looking into concerts coming to St. Louis, she found that Switchfoot was going to be putting on a show at The Pageant on February 15th. This is now the third time we’ve seen the band live – the first two were in outdoor settings, and we weren’t all that impressed (one concert was free), but this one was far and away the best of theirs we’ve seen, and amongst the best we’ve seen, period.

Interestingly, as the picture (from my cell phone…sorry about the poor quality…) above documents, their lead singer, Jon Foreman, came out into the crowd twice. On both occasions, he walked on the table directly in front of us while singing songs, so I think it’s safe to say this is the closest I’ve ever come to a famous person.

And, consequently, my baby girl already got close to a rock star. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. 😛

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  1. For some reason, the first comment didn’t show up until I submitted the second comment. I just figured I had forgotten to press the submit button.?

  2. It worked the first time! I took the liberty of deleting your reposted comment.

    And no, she wasn’t “coaxed”…at least, not significantly… My Mom has guessed March 2nd for the birthday, but Brooke isn’t too happy with that option!

  3. I once saw them in a church in St. joe right before they became huge (they were popular, but this was before that mandy moore movie). About 50 people were there, and it was amazing. They’re great live, no?

    I saw them at the state fair, was it? Too lame and spread out to be good.

  4. Yeah, we saw them at the State Fair together. 🙂 Brooke and I also saw them under the Arch for Live on the Levee a few years back but, much like the State Fair, there weren’t many fans there that were really getting into it.

    The Pageant was an excellent show, though

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