Thank you, Trader Joe’s lady

Friday night we took our “it’s Mardi Gras and we only have one car to use” trip to Trader Joe’s together and as we were checking out, the very friendly employee gave us this gem about the pig and the chicken:

“Sure, the chicken contributed to breakfast, but the pig really committed.”

Now, everyone go find a way to use this one in conversation this week!

3 Replies to “Thank you, Trader Joe’s lady”

  1. I don’t understand the “one car to use trip” unless you mean you didn’t want to give up a parking space but why would you take 2 cars to the store anyway?

  2. Trader Joe’s is not normally a place we go together, but since I picked Andy up from work so Mallory could have our second parking pass, he had to go with me if he wanted lasagna for dinner last night. It’s always more entertaining to banter with a cashier when you’re with someone, so that’s how we got to the chicken and the pig!

  3. If I recall, we were talking about Brooke being 2 weeks away from her due date, in which case the cashier said “you’re committed like the pig”…and I gave her a quizzical look, not knowing the adage. Then she explained it, and we were both thoroughly amused. 🙂

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