Getting “Lost” in Netflix


Brooke and I got into Lost awhile back after hearing things about it from a variety of people. Obviously, it’s a show that would appeal to me due to its many sci-fi elements, but Brooke had heard other people she knew that enjoyed it as well. I downloaded the first few seasons and we watched them in a few short months, in time to watch the 5th season last year as it was shown on ABC.

Well, the 6th and final season is set to begin February 2nd, so we thought we should watch it all again before the next season begins, especially while there’s mostly nothing on TV (due to the Olympics, primarily). We were able to watch some of those previous seasons on, as the entire series is (kinda) available for free. I say “kinda” because we tried to watch them and, while the site says they’re available, they apparently aren’t working. Rather than download the episodes illegally, we decided to give Netflix a try.

We had been talking about trying Netflix for a few months now, mostly because many of our friends have it, but also because once we move, we we have toyed with the idea of not getting cable TV again. Netflix costs $9/mo and has a lot of material available. The real benefit of the system is that they added “Netflix Streaming” awhile back, making quite a few television shows (like Lost) available on-demand so we don’t have to wait for a disc to arrive before we can watch them. It works on Windows or Mac OS platforms, but in our case, I’m using it on my PS3, streaming the shows (or movies) in near-HD quality to the PS3 so we can watch them on the TV. I imagine we will use mostly Netflix Streaming, but it’s nice having the added catalog of DVDs (Bluray rentals cost $2 extra per month).

So yeah, Netflix appears to be a very worthwhile service, and it’s feeding our addiction to Lost. Win-win, eh?

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  1. We don’t have Cable Television, but subscribe to netflix and enjoy the streaming video. We watch so little TV that we just view it on one of our laptops, though sometime I’ll figure something out to get an actual TV set up for watching. Maybe get a PS3 as you’ve suggested it works well, and it’d be nice to have a bluray player even if my TV won’t support such nice quality yet (upgrade in the future?).

    Anyway- netflix is a very acceptable replacement to a cable subscription for us. I think it’s even nicer- but I don’t really follow shows, either.

  2. Bluray is certainly nice, and I’m glad we’ve got it. I only use it for certain movies, though (of the science fiction or action variety).

    If you didn’t hear, however, Netflix has announced that Netflix Streaming is coming to the Wii this Spring. Obviously, it won’t be HD quality video, but you’ll still get Netflix beamed to your TV without having to attach a computer to it.

  3. Oh, you can still buy one. And I’d be happy to play online with you. Problem is, you’ll be doing all that “home improvement” crap and won’t be available, anyway…so you may as well just stick with the Wii. 🙂

    How’s New Super Mario Bros. coming, yo?

  4. Mother, your confidence in my abilities is inspiring.

    Don’t forget that Brooke got a reciprocating saw for Christmas so that she can do all the “home improvement.” 😉

  5. Let’s see….Brooke does all the cooking, she’s having the baby, AND she’s doing all the home improvement? What exactly are you doing?? 🙂 Aside from growing cells and then playing with them. I guess you do play drums pretty good (well??)

    (are you rolling your eyes yet?)

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