Wait…what just happened…

So, Brooke and I discussed a few months ago that as we draw closer to moving on to the “next stage of our lives,” we ought to consider combining our two blogs into a single one. Now that there’s a baby on the way, and that we’re going to be job hunting pretty soon, it makes sense that we should both post in the same place so that any time either of us have a thought (or concern…), it can be found easily!

So yeah, I think this is the theme we’ll stick with for now. So far as I know, everything is still here, including all of my own posts and all of Brooke’s posts as far back as 2005, as well as all photo attachments (for the most part…I’m sure I missed a few…).

For the record, WordPress made it stupid easy to export all of the blog posts and images, and then import them into this new blog. I commend them on excellent, free, software!

4 Replies to “Wait…what just happened…”

  1. I guess we could give Sam an account… Somehow, I doubt Edie is smart enough to learn to use the keyboard, but I think Sam may be capable.

    To her credit, however, Edie sure is cute… 😛

    I’ll do my best to make Brooke post at least once a decade, Diana!

  2. I’m thinkin’ Brooke doesn’t NEED to post because Andy is obsessed and posts all the time!! She is a LIFE outside of the computer screen! 🙂 (love you, son!)

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