So, we’d noticed for the last few weeks that Edie has been scratching her hind legs quite a bit, to the point where last week, we started locking her out of the bedroom so we could sleep through the night.  Two years ago, around this time of the year, she had a similar problem that the vet said was due to “hot spots.”  Last year, it wasn’t nearly as bad, but she did scratch a little bit.  Two years ago, the vet gave us some prednisone and antibiotics and they took care of the problem kinda rapidly…but cost us $150…  Since she “got over it” last year, we decided to let it go and see what happened.

Well, we got back from Branson, after leaving Edie at Kennelwood for the weekend, and she had scratched herself down to the skin…  Brooke took her in to the vet and, again, they gave us prednisone and an antibiotic…but this time, Edie got a cone…  🙂  She’ll have to wear it for 3 days non-stop, and then will have to wear it when we aren’t at home for a few more days.

Anyway, hopefully she’ll get better quickly, ’cause she’s having issues climbing stairs (again) and I’m all about having her back to normal.  Either way, the puppy dog sure is cute with a cone around her head.

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  1. Poor Edie! I can see the spot on her hind leg that looks raw. Is the cone causing her to not be able to do stairs – or is there something with her back again? I would imagine having that thing on would make it difficult to go up and down the steps. Wonder if she’s allergic to something if it’s always a Fall thing… Hope this will work and she’ll be back to normal soon!

  2. Yeah, it’s the cone. The bottom edge of it keeps hitting each step, as she can’t raise her head high enough to get above them. It’s also amusing to talk her on walks, where the bottom of the cone keeps hitting the cracks in the sidewalk. Or, when she tries sniffing anything on the ground, she basically has to get the entire cone inverted to do it. Poor puppy!

  3. I should point out, the “raw spot” there on her hind leg was actually shaved off by the vet to get a better look at what she was going after, so it didn’t look THAT bad. Still looked bad, though. We’ve got a disinfectant spray we’re supposed to put on her twice a day, too. She doesn’t like it much, though….big surprise…

  4. they didn’t do a skin scrape. i asked for it and the weird mousy vet said she didn’t want to do it unless it continued. i should have taken you with me. the humane society would certainly have been a different kind of experience for you from dr. carson!

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