Rockin’ Robin

So, I’m toying with Twitter to a very small extent. Generally, using one social networking site is plenty for my taste, but there are many folks that to use the Twitter service instead and, due to the wonders of RSS, it’s arguably easier to keep track of.

I only mention this because I’ve added a few feeds to the right-hand column of this page, kinda on a trial basis. Right now, I’ve added Stephen Colbert,, Joystiq, GWJ and Giant Bomb (the latter three are gaming-related) to see if it works alright. I’ve only got the top two posts from each feed, but I think I can track up to 20 posts with this particular WordPress plugin.

Anyway, I’ll be messing with it. We’ll see. I don’t plan on actually posting with Twitter often (or ever), but I have tasted the Kool-Aid and may give it a go…

By the way, I don’t know why it sometimes says “no public messages” and sometimes doesn’t. I’m still working out some kinks, obviously… 😛

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  1. I tried twitter for like 2 years. Seriously nobody used it. Now it’s the big thing. I already cancelled my account and it would take some serious fanciness to get me back in… I’ve meant to cancel my MySpace account too, but never got around to it.

    Only thing i ever thought was cool was twittervision:
    And other mashups that have been done, since people can set their accounts (or individual posts) to be public and post to the public register. During the Obama election, currentTV did a cool twitter mashup to discuss election results (streaming election data & putting it all to house music).

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