More politics…why not?

All the shenanigans around Sarah Palin’s nomination just baffles my mind. There’s a huge double-standard out there coming from the right-wing…check out the following video to see some evidence…

It’s stunning…

(Yeah…”The Daily Show” is getting another Peabody…guaranteed…)

Update: Here’s a nice run-down of some “fact checks” from all the lies from Palin’s speech last night, too… And if you want a less liberally-leaning list of facts that were distorted from the GOP convention, here’s a list from the Associated Press

Update #2: As was pointed out on another blog today (in a comment…so I can’t cite it…): Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a governor! 😛

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  1. Thank the good lord that’s over.

    I get the overall feeling that many people like Palin, would you agree? I don’t mean politicallly… just from watching the news and what not it seems like she’s popular.

    I don’t know anything about her other than she is a member of the NRA and that she sued the US Government for listing the polar bear as endangered. Now, that pulls me in two different directions… but I do admit to knowing almost nothing about her and I’ve never heard her speak.

    I think both sides of this democrat/republican deal are just crazy.

    I wish I lived in the woods.

  2. It depends on which media you read about her “popularity.” And it also depends on which crowd you ask, and what McCain intended from picking her. If you ask the Conservative Base, they’re all kinds of happy about this because any people that didn’t think McCain was strong enough on Pro-Life issues, Palin fills that out. If you ask former Hillary Supporters that were disillusioned by Obama’s nomination, they’re definitely _not_ pleased and are even offended by the idea that McCain would pander in such a way. So yeah, as in any political environment, she’s popular in some circles and unpopular in others.

    I watched her speak last night and was unimpressed. If anything, she spoke nothing of policy and did her best to belittle Obama and his ideas as much as possible, especially with her “I was a mayor, which is kinda like a community organizer, except with actual responsibilities.” Off the cuff, flippant comments like that are pretty offensive really, and definitely shows how little she knows about helping a community and what it takes.

    There’s a lot of info out there on her, and more and more of it just keeps getting dredged up. She’s under investigation by the Alaskan legislature, she cut $1.1 million from a teen mother’s shelter while governor, and she paid $25 million to a Washington lobbying firm to get more money for her state (contrary to the assertion that she “stands up to lobbyists”).

    Check out… They seem to have a comprehensive and mostly unbiased look at both sides of the aisle, and whether things that are said in commercials and speeches are true. There’s not all that much there about Palin yet, but it looks like an entertaining page to keep an eye on.

    I wish I lived in the woods, too. With iodine tablets. 😛

  3. This is the clip I was talking to you about last night. Had to watch it again. It might be the funniest and TRUEST political commentary of this election, no BS, totally 100% fact straight from the hypocrites’ mouths.

    BTW, I got totally bored with her speech, and McCain’s. They certainly aren’t the best speakers. I love reading how their speeches were watched by more people than Obama’s. Yeah, like that means more votes for them – it’s because of all the stuff in the news about her and her f’d up positions and family life.

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