(01:31:07) tsunathanh: Andy. I have to tell you this… a few short hours ago I shaved mikes head.
(01:31:10) tsunathanh: Jerry said
(01:31:31) tsunathanh: ,”Ha! You look like a white Mr. Clean!”

…if anyone sees Jerry…they should a). laugh at him and b). smack him upside the head…if you’re feeling particularly gracious, you should remove him from the gene pool for the rest of us…


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  1. Not sure we?ve met, bounced from kai?s site ? but a few ?headlines? on your site caught my attention

    Coldplay = Bad:

    I would believe most people?s opinions would counter yours. Besides YOU are in complete control of what you listen to. So why bash what other people love and enjoy? If you don?t like it change it. COLDPLAY is huge and nothing is wrong with that. Of course there is nothing wrong with you (maybe there is) not liking them, just put something else in to enjoy.

    ?oh, Pastafarianism? ? I?ve been wondering when it would become trendy. Anyone going as a flying spaghetti monster for Halloween? I think the argument boils down to can scientific reasoning and faith be mixed or should they even be compared?

    Not sure if you have heard of a guy named david penny but he presented last semester at ESU read what I got from it here:

    hope that links work,

    PS: mikes head looks flippin’ shweeeet!

  2. Listen you son-of-a-bitch,
    Im not the best at distinguishing colors…white, black, purple…the whole R-G deficiency. But in this world of utter degradation by racism and hate; you should be thankful that there is someone as considerate as I to ignore the bounds of ethnicity and “color”. My removal and lack of generation will ultimately procure the world’s annihilation of itself by its own denizens…so you might wanna think twice about what you tell others to do there, Marshall Applegate…

    P.S. Coldplay is a good band you no-talent ass clown, maybe if you had good taste in music and stopped flaunting your opinion like we give a damn, I wouldnt have to correct you. Just cause you’re married doesn’t automatically make you mature enough to dictate culture. Don’t be as naive to believe so, you worthless sack of bat guano.

    On a more personal note: Andy, I miss ya and hopefully will be around soon to bother your lame ass.

  3. A man who just called someone, “ass clown”; a sac of “bat guano” and something about “lame ass” is telling someone else about how they aren’t mature enough.

  4. You know, I was gonna make a similar comment, but as it was just made for me, I will refrain?thanks, Nathan? 😉

    On second thought, a few comments…

    1). If you want to do a Coldplay discussion, try to do it on the Coldplay posting… This current posting is reserved for pointing out Jerry’s idiocy, which he helped promote in the previous comment from above.

    2). I can listen to the music I choose to, and so can everyone else. In my comments from the previous posting, I was simply pointing out that Coldplay is indeed “huge” and doesn’t need to be, since there are plenty of other, better, bands available to listen to. People only started listening to Coldplay in the beginning because they were told to, not because they had a good album. The media playing their songs in commercials/shows and MTV telling the teeny bopper generation that this music is “good” will indeed be the downfall of society, not because it is Coldplay, but because the media/MTV controls our thinking.

    The point is that I don’t care about Coldplay; they just got singled out this time. The same can be said about fashions, TV shows, etc. Not that I’ve seen it, but is “The OC” a truly good show? Winning tons of awards? Truly representative of life in Orange County? No! It’s a show! It’s a show that marketing tells us we should like! People watch it because they’re told to, not because the acting is good or because the production of that show has been recognized by the community at large. Again, the exact same things can be said of a variety of different aspects of society. I just singled out Coldplay this time. A few years ago, it was boy bands and Britney Spears. Coldplay will fall away and someone else will take their place. This is the cycle.

    On the other hand, is there anything that we aren’t influenced in? That we truly decide to like just because we do? Probably not, unfortunately…

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