…and now I'm not alone…

So yeah, Brooke decided to try being trendy like me and made herself a blog (I think she was just bored, really…) using Blogger.com (since Xanga is stoopid…)…therefore, you should check it out.

Otherwise, I’m leaving shortly for my fourth Dave Matthews Band concert, which will be in St. Louis. Brooke, Kristen, Adam Waudby and I are all going, so it should be a fun trip, although the driving will probably get annoying. Needless to say, I’m quite excited for this concert, especially since their most recent album is very different from previous offerings…I’m anxious to see what it sounds like in a live setting…and believe you me, I’ll let you know tomorrow…

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  1. You just need to listen to more stuff…and realize the complete awesome-ness of their musicianship… Geez, Carter Beauford (their drummer) did a drum solo on nothing but drum rims and cymbals last night…and it rocked tremendously! 😛

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